Content-Hawk – watching your content, hunting to find advantage

Content-Hawk is a software-as-a-service solution, developed by us to handle the many problems associated with SEO, SEM and Content Marketing.

Content-hawk is predominantly aimed at clients who have significant websites. It works to your advantage in sites above a few hundred pages, but really offers serious competitive advantage with sites of a thousand pages or more.

Until you see your digital assets through Content-Hawks eyes you’ll never truly have an effective content marketing strategy.

What can Content-Hawk do for your business?
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So what can Content-Hawk do?

Content-Hawk offers two levels of functionality:

1) A pre-built reporting system that watches, analyses and reports on your content.

It works independently of your content management system to monitor numerous qualities, track issues and watch for errors in your content – allowing you to receive reports that give insight in to many areas or your content and its performance.
Whether you need error reporting, advisory reporting or alerts when certain conditions occur, Content-Hawk is always watching, always hunting on your behalf.
It doesn’t matter what the configuration of your website or multiple websites.
It doesn’t matter how much content there is, Content-Hawk can cope with sites up to 100,000 pages, no problem.

2) A bespoke reporting system that you can adapt to create your own reports.

If the standard reporting and alerting system doesn’t cover your requirements, then Content-Hawk can be adapted to add the functionality that you are looking for.
Content-Hawk offers you;

  • Bespoke monitoring
  • Solving of bespoke issues
  • Alerting based on bespoke conditions.
  • And much more.

What issues can Content-Hawk track?

Content-Hawk can track numerous issues – here are just a small selection to give you a taste of the product;

  • Tracking & reporting on content to ensure all pages have SEO characteristics that match current criteria set out by Google’s current search and indexing algorithms. As Google changes so does our system.
  • Tracking and reporting on content regarding page, section and whole site keyword density. From specific HTML tags to total page analysis, Content-Hawk points out where you are falling short and how the issues can be corrected.
  • Content-Hawk can find errors such as missing tags, poor page formation, broken links (internal and external).
  • Content-Hawk can find and report on SEO content duplication issues, from overused repetitious paragraphs to whole page duplication across multiple country sites.
  • Content-Hawk can be used to analyse your competitors, showing their targets, their strengths and their weaknesses.

The history of Content-Hawk.

Content-Hawk started off over 6 years ago as an internal tool for us to use on large scale SEO projects, where managing 500+ target keywords across 1000+ pages was simply becoming untenable.

Content-Hawk was devised to give our team and our clients a totally new perspective, to view a whole site as Google does and beyond, as a machine sees it and yet more. Content-Hawk’s abilities then progressed to far beyond it’s original concept – including the ability to emulate Google’s indexing algorithm. It started out as a tool for SEO & SEM but then became so much more.

Before we knew it the foundations of this product turned from a gadget, to a fully blown product capable of watching, monitoring, and managing content issues at the touch of a button.

Content-Hawk is unique. Until you’ve seen your content through Content-Hawk’s eyes, you’ve never truly understood your own content, not in its entirety, not to this level of mastery or proficiency.