Digital Conversion – don’t let prospects slip through your fingers

Conversion is a critical element in generating new business online.

Many businesses spend thousands of pounds driving ‘traffic’ to their websites, or getting ‘attention’ via social media channels, only to find it generates no new leads and no new sales.
At Progress we ensure our clients don’t get caught out by the same issues, from global organisations like Fujitsu to smaller UK based businesses like Kinetek, we work hard to capture every potential prospect/lead possible.

The important goals of improving conversion and the work required.

  • Understand your visitors – research and analysis of your market niche and current digital activity
  • Engage and retain your visitors – create and execute an inspiring content strategy and perfect visual impact of all digital assets
  • Guide and steer your visitors – understand usability, user paths, and ensure users are always guided and not left to wander
  • Build trust and create a rapport – build and reinforce a content strategy that gets you remembered, engages and builds trust
  • Convert your visitors into your clients – create, test and maintain calls to action, and key business messages
  • Effectively process customer interaction – build effective policy and strategy to manage client interaction and long term relationships

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Can you be sure that your prospects will become your customers?
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All your hard work becomes pointless if you simply ‘lose prospects’ at the point where you should be converting visitors to customers.

At the end of the day – if you know you have quality prospects, but the telephones aren’t ringing, then your conversion strategy is probably flawed.
Change it!

What are some of the key aspects of converting visitors to customers?

Create instant engagement:
Make your proposition clear:
Create effective calls to action:
Ensure you are remembered:

Create instant engagement:

The online visitor is fickle, if you don’t communicate with visual impact and a clear message that you offer their solution, then most visitors will leave in under 20 seconds.
Factors: Everything must meet and continue the visitors expectations, especially; brand, look-and-feel, content delivery, message delivery and effective hierarchy of information.

Make your proposition clear:

Don’t greet your prospects with pages of bland, boring text. Make sure the page says, “here is the answer”, and that the overall message is accessible and easy to digest.
Factors: Clear messages, clear product or service offerings, guide visitors to the answers, communicate your proposition directly and appropriately, write to your audience Flesch level.

Create effective calls to action:

Calls to action need to be tailored towards your target audience and delivered at the right level, and at with perfect timing.
Factors: Different markets require different approaches, good communication, good build up to conversion – don’t be too quick or too pushy with CTAs, test CTAs frequently, design to making testing conclusive.

Make sure you’re remembered:

A large percentage of visitors to your site aren’t ready to buy or even ready to contact you – so you need to ensure you engage with prospects and give them a reason to come back.
Factors: Information delivery, memorable business messages, become an authority, become liked, get bookmarked, show breadth of understanding, communicate knowledge and experience, demonstrate trustworthiness.

Our 7 key factors to online success

These processes apply to all channels and all digital assets that support your online marketing.

  • unrivalled understanding – learn the facts about your digital resources and market
  • inspired strategy – create a winning direction for your digital portfolio
  • effective brand and design – visually appealing, visually engaging, perfectly aligned to visitor expectations
  • intuitive usability – insightful structure, engaging content delivery, effortlessly leading your visitors
  • outstanding content – expand your reach, engage your visitors, become a resource, become an authority
  • efficient conversion – understand your visitors, repeatedly refine online conversion techniques
  • meticulous management – monitor the details, analyse the facts, improve the outcomes

We focus on every aspect of your online presence to achieve two fundamental business objectives – increasing your market reach and converting visitors to customers.
The end result is we help create a brand with great presence that generates business growth for your company.

Digital Growth relies on the expert handling of prospects.
Don’t let potential customers slip through your fingers.