Domain Marketing Management System (Domain-MMS)

What is Domain-MMS?

The Progress Digital – Domain-MMS is a domain management system aimed at helping companies with large domain and sub-domain forwarding requirements.

It offers a centralised system to manage domains and sub domains used for clients or internal uses, such as forwarding impact domains to campaign landing pages.
It also allows organisations a versatile control system to monitor and control both users and the domains they register, and what happens with these domains afterwards.
In short, if you have a problem managing or utilising domains for marketing purposes, Domain-MMS can solve your issues.

  • The software can be hosted locally or on our servers to give organisations, that handle a lot of domains, the ability to manage the settings and redirects for marketing domains.
  • The software acts as management middle-ware between multiple users and potentially multiple domain name registrations systems.
  • The software also offers a level of bespoke tailoring so any organisation can put controls in place to ensure registration policies are adhered too.
  • The software is fully supported and developed by us.

We have developed a unique approach and an innovative use of available technology. Our system is complemented by bespoke integration with numerous domain registrar organisations, whom we have worked with for the last 7 years.

As a manager you want to be able to control, manage and monitor all your users and all the domains they register within your organisation

You need Progress’ Domain-MMS.


Call us to discuss Domain-MMS and how it can help your organisation.0161 408 5108

What are the benefits of Domain-MMS?

Management system for many domains
Supports multiple users & admins
Supports bespoke registrations rules
Supports bespoke campaign controls

Domain-MMS allows multiple users to register multiple domains in an organisation controlled system. Administrators can specify controls regarding the use of keywords and domain types registered within your organisation, to ensure users stick to corporate guidelines.
Domain-MMS allows users the ability to quickly; register domains, add sub-domains, and point them to individual landing pages of other sites (e.g. the corporate site) if they so wish. All functionality is offered in a user friendly web-interface, offering any member of your staff an easy-to-learn facility to manage domain registration, domain forwarding and monitor the performance of each domain.
Domain-MMS is ideal for managing domains purchased to add impact in marketing campaigns and for memorable URLs for campaign landing pages.

Example scenario of when Domain-MMS can help your organisation.

  • You want to produce an email marketing campaign with a memorable domain.
  • AND you want the domain to forward straight through to a page in your corporate website.
  • AND you want to allow 20 different users in your organisation to do the same thing.
  • AND none of your users have any technical DNS experience.
  • AND users also want to set up sub-domains to forward to ‘other’ pages.
  • AND as a manager you want to set rules to ensure users don’t register domains that are against company policy.

Domain-MMS can help you handle all of the above issues in one simple easy to use system.

How much does Domain-MMS cost?

Costs for Domain-MMS are dependent on 2 main factors.

  • Hosting – either our cloud or yours.
    • The Domain-MMS software is hosted on our cloud servers.
    • The Domain-MMS is hosted on your server – costs to include installation, set-up and remote support of the system.
  • Customisation – various options.
    • Domain-MMS has many customisable features, we can tailor the application to suit your organisations particular needs.
    • Clearly the level of customisation dictates the level of any additional costs.

Who else uses Domain-MMS?

We use Domain-MMS to manage over 300 domains and pointers for our own internal purposes.
We have numerous clients using the system but for obvious reasons they do so under a non-disclosure agreement.

What’s so special about Domain-MMS?

If you’ve done your research to compare our system, you’ll probably already know two things.

  • There are no other systems which function like ours and are also customisable for each client.
  • The cost for even inflexible systems is extremely high in comparison to our system.

Call us on 0161 408 5108 to discuss your exact requirements, and we will happily put together a clear proposal supported by detailed costings.