Digital & Offline – when two worlds collide!

Progress Digital work with passion and innovation to help your business get every visible asset performing to its utmost ability.
Whether it’s online or offline, digital or print, social media or your stationary, we ensure your visible assets work in harmony to all pull together.

We understand both digital and offline marketing, so you get the gain without the pain.

When it comes to offline marketing and marrying that with digital performance, we can help with many diverse areas.
We seamlessly and painlessly develop offline and online marketing campaigns that complement each other, not conflict with each other.

We understand the impact of change on a business, and we understand the need to manage rapid digital change in conjunction with the less speedy change we see in offline marketing.
It’s important that when these two worlds collide the result is a better overall offering that works in harmony, not an explosion that pulls your business in two different directions.

Is your Online and Offline communication pulling in the same direction?
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offline v online marketing

Does your offline business reinforce your digital approach?

When it comes to seriously developing your online brand, communication and digital growth we can ensure that your offline assets aren’t left in the dark ages.
We work extremely closely with our long term partner Bare Face Marketing to ensure that all aspects of your business work in harmony.

We have outstanding experience and expertise in offline channels such as;

  • brand development – including logo design and branding guidelines
  • print communications – writing copy for print or brochures
  • print advertising – distributing PR articles, print advert design, securing print advertising space
  • brand and asset development – such as branding shops or offices, vehicle branding or product branding

Transferring your offline ideas into the digital world.

We can transfer all the visual impact and brand communication of your offline world to digital channels including;

  • your primary website
  • company blog
  • marketing campaign websites
  • social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • paid advertising channels (Adwords, PPM & PPC)

Our 7 key factors to online & offline marketing success

These attributes apply to all channels, all offline assets and all digital assets, everything that supports your company’s marketing.

  • unrivalled understanding – learn the facts about your digital resources and market
  • inspired strategy – create a winning direction for your digital portfolio
  • effective brand and design – visually appealing, visually engaging, perfectly aligned to visitor expectations
  • intuitive usability – insightful structure, engaging content delivery, effortlessly leading your visitors
  • outstanding content – expand your reach, engage your visitors, become a resource, become an authority
  • efficient conversion – understand your visitors, repeatedly refine online conversion techniques
  • meticulous management – monitor the details, analyse the facts, improve the outcomes

We focus every aspect of your online presence to achieve two fundamental business objectives – increasing your market reach and converting visitors to customers.
The end result is we help create a brand with great presence that generates business growth for your company.

Successful businesses realise that they need to resonate with customers through both digital and offline channels.

If you need help with your digital growth give us a call – 0161 408 5108