Content marketing and how it can work for your business.

Your business needs exceptional content.

We create content that works for business. We make our content marketing strategies exceptional by ensuring that they always help you to acquire new prospects in a highly positive and cost effective way. If your business lacks the time, confidence or understanding of the complexities of digital marketing then we can help. We have the skills, the knowledge and the will to help your business. We utilise innovation, talent and years of experience to build solutions for digital growth.

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At Progress Digital we help our clients by creating and executing amazing digital growth strategies.

How exceptional content can change your business for ever.

Here are just a few simple ways content marketing can help your business.

  • It gives your business more marketing opportunities by;
    • Creating more places that potential clients and search engines can find you.
    • Creating more places that you can open meaningful dialogue with your prospects
    • Creating places where you can talk about the specifics of your business, being specific engages visitors (when used appropriately).
    • All of these places – helps you to get closer to your prospects, your prospects understand you and your prospects learn to believe in you. Trust sells.
  • It helps your business build trust, become an authority and that allows your business to convince both prospects and clients that yours is the best company to deal with.
  • Content makes you think about your business like a client thinks, so it can actually help you improve your business strategy.
  • Content strategies are measurable. Reach, engagement, effectiveness and ROI can all be quantified – no voodoo marketing here.

What’s makes effective content marketing so valuable?


Connect with your audience quickly
Connect with your audience quickly

To use content marketing as we’ve described above it’s very important to;

  • Connect with your audience quickly – >>> killing it on the SERPs
  • Build trust with your audience effectively – >>> creating brands that sell
  • Manage the expectations of your audience over time – >>> becoming an authority
  • Convert your prospects from visitors to clients – >>> making them yours


Content strategies that pay

We devise and execute content strategies for one reason – because we can make your business more profitable by doing so. We’ve been using content as part of our online marketing strategy for over 10 years.

Our clients, like Fujitsu UK, love what we do. We’ve worked with Fujitsu for over 7 years, but we also take just as much pride in helping much smaller companies to get great results using smaller budgets.

We won’t baffle you with Flesch readability scores, indexing algorithms, click through rates or conversion hypotheses – we’ll just work with you to build an effective content marketing strategy and then execute it the most painless way possible.